CMA Planning has successfully secured permission at appeal at The Oval, Cambridge Heath, in Tower Hamlets on behalf of Aitch Group.  Two schemes (designed by DSDHA) were allowed, one for 51 homes in buildings up to 8 storeys in height and one for 57 homes up to 10 storeys in height.  Both contained 461 sqm of commercial/community space. 

Following a Hearing in March, the Inspector concluded that the comprehensive redevelopment of the site, including the retention and refurbishment of Victorian and Regency cottages with a scheme which reflected and respected the industrial heritage of the area should be given the go-ahead.  The Inspector considered that the proposal would deliver improvements to the public realm and would preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the area.

The Inspector found that the replacement of existing outdated employment floorspace with modern, flexible workspace that has the potential to accommodate significantly more people at the site than the current business was a significant benefit, as was the fact it would help in securing the timely delivery of an identified strategic development site.  The Inspector also noted that whilst the quantity of affordable housing was limited, it was of a size and tenure for which the Council acknowledged that there is an identified local need.