Hanger Lane Hanger Lane Hanger Lane Project Sheet.pdf

Where: Ternary Place, Hanger Lane / Inglis Road, Ealing, W5

Who For: Peabody

What: 57 units

Architect: Pollard Thomas Edwards

These two sites are located on opposite sides of Hanger Lane, and were acquired by Family Mosaic (now Peabody) from TfL as part of a disposal programme. Inglis Road was addressed first, with a proposal put forward for six large family houses. These would all be market sale, to help fund affordable homes elsewhere that Family Mosaic would deliver. Planning permission was then granted in November 2015 following consideration of various issues including parking levels, design and the relationship of the scheme to the Conservation Area.

The larger Hanger Lane site was then addressed, which is quite unique in an Ealing context, being completely surrounded by major roads and railways and therefore being a genuine 'island' site. Notwithstanding this, the relationship with the Grade II listed Ealing Village was a key consideration through the planning process. Other issues considered included landscaping, residential quality and car parking provision. Approval was secured from the Council for the 51 dwelling (67% of which are to be affordable) scheme in February 2016.

  • Borough: Ealing
  • Scale: Major
  • Status: Completed
  • Sector: Housing, Affordable Housing