Consort Road Consort Road Consort Road Consort Road Project Sheet.pdf

Where: Holdron Street, off Consort Road, Peckham, SE15

Who For: Bluecroft / Picfare Homes

What: 9 homes, 330 sqm commericlal floorspace

Architect: Alan Camp

This site was formerly used as a scaffold yard, but was vacant and derelict.  CMA worked with the project team to prepare a small mews style development, which was submitted to Southwark. 

The site lies between Peckham Queens Road and Peckham Rye stations, and in this area the Peckham Coal Line (PCL) is seeking to repurpose disused rail coal sidings into a new 1km long elevated urban park.  It would be a green ribbon cutting through a heavily built up ex-industrial area providing a precious green open space, and would be a place to enjoy nature amble, cycle, relax and play.  Unfortunately, the PCL felt the mews scheme could undermine their objectives, and generated over 400 objections to the proposal.

CMA liaised with PCL over a series of meetings and sought to expand the project team and amend the scheme to address the concerns raised about access, heritage buildings, the nature of development, future linkages and the level and type of commercial space.  A public exhibition was also held. 

Following this, a revised application was submitted more inline with the PCL’s vision for the area.  The scheme delivered more accommodation than before, taking a more urban, higher density approach.  There was only one objection to the revised application and planning permission was granted in April 2018. The scheme was then completed in 2022.  

  • Borough: Southwark
  • Scale: Minor
  • Status: Completed
  • Sector: Mixed Use